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In today’s constantly evolving tech industry, attending conferences can help you keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations within software engineering. These events offer you the opportunity to refine plus maintain your skills as well as learn about best practices. And now that the majority of events are again being held in person, you’ll be able to network with your own peers and develop strong professional relationships.

Here is TechBeacon ‘s shortlist of popular software-engineering conferences in 2023.   Not all dates, locations, plus pricing were available at publication time, especially for those events taking place later in the year. In those cases, we have provided historical information about the particular event to give you an idea of what to expect and what you will get out of attending.



Twitter: @FOSDEM , #FOSDEM
Web: fosdem. org/2023
Date: February 4–5
Location: Brussels, Belgium;   online
Cost: Free (although organizers accept donations and sponsorship)

FOSDEM is a two-day event that is organized by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open-source software (FOSS). The  developer-oriented affair is expected in order to draw about  8, 000 people.

Who should attend: Developers, testers, plus DevOps engineers


Twitter: @DeveloperWeek
Web: developerweek. com
Day: February 15–17, in-person;   February 21–23, virtual
Location: Oakland, California, USA (Feb. 15–17); online (Feb. 21-23)
Price : $100 to $895

What the organizers have to say:   “Each year, more than 8, 500 developers, technicians, software architects, dev teams, managers, and executives from more than 70 countries gather for DeveloperWeek in order to discover the latest in developer technologies, languages, platforms, plus tools. This year, DeveloperWeek will have an expanded DevExec World , which is two days of roundtable talks, educational talks, and networking occasions for architectural managers, tech executives, plus lead developers. Additionally , DeveloperWeek will be co-located with ProductWorld and CloudConnect . ”

Who should attend: Developers, software architects, data analysts, system administrators, and DevOps technical engineers

ConFoo Montreal 2023

Twitter: @confooca , #ConFoo
Internet: confoo. ca/en/2023
Date: Feb 22–24
Area: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Cost : Three-day conference ticket, C$950 (early-bird pricing; C$1, 100 normally); workshops, C$700 plus C$1, 200 each

What the planners have to say: inch ConFoo is a multi-technology conference with regard to developers [featuring]  155 presentations by popular international speakers. [It is]  focused  on pragmatic solutions regarding web developers. inches

That should go to: Developers and data scientists


SREcon23 Americas

Twitter: @SREcon , #SREcon
Time: March 21–23
Location: Santa Clara, Ca, USA
Cost: TBD

The actual organizers say: “SREcon23 Americas will be a gathering of designers who care deeply regarding site reliability, systems engineering, and working with complex distributed systems at scale. SREcon strives to challenge all those new in order to the profession and also individuals who possess been involved in it for decades. The meeting has a culture of critical thought, deep technical insights, continuous improvement, and innovation. ”

Who ought to attend: QA testers, security teams, database administrators, network administrators, compliance experts, UX designers, government employees, plus scientists

QCon London

Twitter: @qconlondon , #QConLondon
Web: qconlondon. possuindo
Date: March 27–29
Location: London, England, UK
Price : £2, 340 plus VAT, but £2, 070 until January 9

What the planners have to say: “QCon London is usually a conference for senior software engineers, architects, and team leads. Deep-dive with software leaders on the particular patterns, practices, and make use of cases leveraged by innovative software professionals. ”

Who need to attend: Senior software technicians, architects, plus tech frontrunners

Data Council Austin 2023

Twitter: @DataCouncilAI
Web: datacouncil. ai/austin
Date: March 28–30
Place: Austin, Texas, USA
Cost : $1, 199  until The month of january 5; $1, 499  until March 6;   $1, 699  till March 27; group and other discounts available

What the organizers have to say: “Data Council is a worldwide, community-driven technical conference that will bridges the particular gap between data science, engineering, plus analytics. ”  This season, the conference will have 10 tracks: information engineering and infrastructure, data science plus algorithms, MLOps and platforms, analytics, applied AI,   lightning talks, data streaming, building information products, data culture and community,   and training courses.

Who else should attend: Software technical engineers, machine-learning experts, deep-learning researchers, and artificial intelligence buffs



Tweets: @devnexus , #devnexus
Internet: devnexus. com
Date: April 4–6
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Cost : Conference pass, $495; conference/workshop pass, $895; group discount rates available

What the particular organizers have got to say: “Devnexus is definitely the largest Java platform conference in the USA and one of the leading technology activities held annually around the globe. Devnexus is also the premier conference for professional software designers who want to hear from plus interact directly with internationally acclaimed presenters and technologists while also connecting along with like-minded programmers who are mastering their craft in a range of relevant technologies….

This  year they expect  more than  2, 500 people to  attend  the  three-day event, which starts with  an optional full day of  hands-on workshops. The two days associated with presentations and live demonstrations on the industry’s hottest topics comprise  15 concurrent technology tracks plus over 150  individual sessions.

Which should go to: Java developers, cloud administrators, security practitioners, network designers, software architects, JavaScript designers, mobile and web-developers, plus application performance testers

ICSSE 2023

Twitter: N/A
Web: icsse. org
Date: 04 13–15
Area: Marseille, France; online
Cost : From $170 to $560, depending on whether you’re the student, presenter, or other type of attendee and whether you’re attending on the internet or inside person

At the sixth annual International Conference on Software and Services Engineering, expect to see plus meet top researchers through around the particular globe  gathered to address matters of the day spanning service technology, management, and engineering (SSME).

Who also should attend: Developers, software program architects, experts, practitioners, plus educators

Devoxx  France

Twitter: @DevoxxFR
Web: devoxx. fr/en/
Date: April 12–14
Location: Paris, France
Cost : Varies  from €296 intended for one day time to €990 for all three times plus  training

Devoxx France is part of a family of meetings held globally each year. The conventions primarily focus on Java, but these people cover a few some other topics as well. The Paris meeting attracts some 3, 000 participants, a lot more than 70 exhibitors, and over 200 loudspeakers. Devoxx Italy also offers hands-on labs and workshops.

Whom should go to: Developers, software architects, information analysts, program administrators, and DevOps designers

PyCon US 2023

Twitter: @PyCon , #pycon
Web: us. pycon. org/2023
Date: Apr 19–27
Place: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; on-line
Cost: TBD

This event  includes  tutorials,   sponsor presentations plus booths, and over 90  talks, not including  lightning talks. Four  days of post-conference sprints are free,   offering an opportunity for anyone to  contribute to a project.

Who have should attend: Developers, business leads, experienced programmers, hobby hackers, beginners, and other members from the Python community

DeveloperWeek Europe

Twitter: @DeveloperWeek
Web: developerweek. com/europe/
Date: April 26–27
Location: Virtual
Cost : TBD

The actual organizers say: “DeveloperWeek Europe 2023… is going to be showcasing 100+ specialized speakers through Europe plus the world’s top technologies companies and corporate executive teams, inviting attendees from over 1, 000+ companies to take part in Europe’s biggest developer & engineering conference & expo. ”

Who should attend: Designers, software designers, data analysts, system managers, and DevOps engineers


React Conferences

Twitter: @remixconfeu; @reactdayberlin; @remix_run; @appjsconf; @renderATL;  
Web: reactjs. org/community/conferences , remix. run/conf/2023 , appjs. co , renderatl. apresentando , reactsummit. com , ,

Dates: April 18–19, online;   May 9-11 (Salt River City, Ut, USA); Might 10-12 (Krakow, Poland); May 31-June two (Atlanta, Atlanta USA); June 2 plus 6 (Amsterdam, Netherlands;   online) 06 21 (online); June twenty-seven (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Locations: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (Remix Conf 2023); Krakow, Poland (App. js Conf 2023); Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Render ATL 2023); Amsterdam, Netherlands (React Summit 2023 within person, Summer 2; on the web, June 6); Tel Aviv, Israel (ReactNext, June 27)
Cost: Varies

These conferences are staged by the community supporting React, the JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React conferences and locations vary from 12 months to yr.

Exactly who should go to: JavaScript programmers

Open Source Summit North America

Twitter: @linuxfoundation , #ossummit
Web: events. linuxfoundation. org/open-source-summit-north-america/
Dates: Might 10-12
Areas: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Cost: TBD

Open Resource Summit comprises a collection of events covering subjects and technologies impacting the particular realm associated with open source. It includes LinuxCon, the Embedded Linux Conference, CloudOpen, ContainerCon, OSPOCon,   Global Security Vulnerability Summit, SupplyChainSecurityCon, Critical Software program Summit, the particular Community Leadership Conference, Emerging OS Forum, Embedded IoT Summit, Diversity Empowerment Peak, Open AI + Data Forum, and Open Supply On-Ramp.

Who ought to attend: Software developers, programmers, open-source maintainers, Linux IT professionals, THIS operations experts, legal counsel, executives, managers, and students

ICSE 2023

Tweets: @ICSEconf , #ICSE2023
Internet: conf. researchr. org/home/icse-2023
Day: May 14–20
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (likely virtual as well)
Cost: TBD

Exactly what the planners have to say: “The IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Executive (ICSE)…   provides a forum where researchers, professionals, and educators gather  together to present plus discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences, and issues in the field of software program engineering. We are aiming in order to have ICSE 2023 substantially personally in Melbourne, Sydney. Currently we are still researching exactly what virtual options are feasible for those who can’t attend in person[.]”

Who seem to should go to: Software engineering researchers, practitioners, and teachers

GlueCon 2023

Twitter: @gluecon , #gluecon
Web: gluecon. com
Date: May 24–25
Area: Broomfield, Colorado, USA
Cost : $1, 195 until Mar 24;   $1, 395 until Might 21; $1, 495 starting May 22

What the organizers have to say: “GlueCon is the developer-oriented meeting focused on providing the most recent in-depth technical information, presented inside a format that fosters community. GlueCon’s topics  change from year in order to year, yet include things such as  APIs , DevOps, serverless , edge computing , containers , microservices , AI-driven applications, and the newest tools and systems driving technology. ”

Who need to attend: Software program architects, developers, mobile designers and architects, DevOps engineers, enterprise plus startup executives, and team managers


DWX — Developer Week ’23 Germany

Tweets: @developer_week
Internet: developer-week. de/en
Time: June 26–30
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Cost : XL  combination ticket,   €2, 335. 97 (€2, 363  after February 16); workshop mixture ticket,   €2, 163. 42  (€2, 218  after February 16)

DWX is one of the largest independent developer meetings in Europe, offering direct interaction with  more compared to 150 audio speakers spanning more than 200 lectures, workshops, and dev classes.  

Who should attend: Programmers, software designers, data experts, system administrators, and DevOps engineers

Embedded Open Source Summit

Twitter: @linuxfoundation , #ossummit
Web: events. linuxfoundation. org/embedded-open-source-summit/
Dates: 06 27–30
Places: Prague, Czech Republic; online
Cost : TBD

Embedded Open Source Summit is a collection of occasions covering open-source embedded projects and programmer communities.   It consists of Embedded Linux Conference,   Zephyr Project Developer Summit, Automotive Linux Summit, plus Embedded IoT Summit.

Just who should attend: Software programmers, programmers, open-source maintainers, Linux IT specialists, IT operations professionals, legal counsel, professionals, managers, and students


Strange Loop

Twitter: @strangeloop_stl
Web: thestrangeloop. com
Date: Sept 21–22
Place: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Price : Meeting, $520 to $650

What the particular organizers have got to state: “Strange Loop is a multidisciplinary conference to get developers and  thinkers building tomorrow’s technologies in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, plus the web…. Keynotes aren’t sold in order to sponsors, and mailing lists of attendees are never sold or given to sponsors…. This will be the LAST Strange Cycle. ”

Who ought to attend: Developers, entrepreneurs, system engineers, protection professionals, plus scientists

October and Onward

Many additional software-engineering conferences  typically kept within the fall and winter have not yet set times, including GopherCon , DotNETOS , DjangoCon US , . NET Conf , RubyConf , DevTernity , and more.

Make your choices soon plus mark your calendars because  some conference prices can vary based on how early you register. Also  remember that hotel and travel costs are almost always separate from  meeting pricing.

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