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From the rise in skills-based hiring to the demand for hybrid work , the particular employment landscape has been undergoing a wave of changes. As professionals in the Philippines enter the new year, understanding where some of the fastest-growing jobs lie can help them better prepare for the next move – whether they are looking to make the career pivot, get back inside the workforce, or invest in skills that will prepare all of them for the particular future.  

LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise list reveals that the need to drive business growth in an uncertain environment is creating opportunities in jobs focused on acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones, with demand with regard to Business Development Representatives (ranked 2nd), Customer Success Specialists, and Delivery Specialists on the increase.

Jobs that require using data regarding translation in order to actionable insights to help business leaders plus marketing communication professionals make more informed decisions, such as Insights Analyst (3rd) and Media Analyst (6th), are also in demand.  

The rapid and continued shift towards digitalization leads to job growth intended for tech specialists, such as Data Engineers, DevOps Technicians, and Cloud Engineers. There is a growing need for niche knowledge fields in financial compliance (Anti-Money Laundering Analyst) and processes (Tax Associate).  

Clinical Research Associate is the fastest-growing job role in the Philippines, with Virtual Medical Assistants among the country’s most in-demand professionals.

Pooja Chhabria , LinkedIn’s Career Expert, says: “ While the economy is likely to be uncertain throughout most of 2023, there are bright spots within the labor market along with macro-trends this kind of as the particular rapid acceleration towards greater digitalization and jobs focused on company growth powering some associated with the strongest opportunities to get job seekers. The Work increasing list provides professionals insight into the skills they need to prepare pertaining to emerging roles. Professionals must embrace lifelong learning to remain competitive plus relevant in the fast-evolving  world of work. ”

The 15 fastest-growing work in the particular Philippines are usually:  

  1. Medical Research Associate ( Related titles include Scientific Research Assistant or Clinical Research Coordinator. )

What they do: Medical research associates are responsible for the setup, conduct, and supervision of clinical trials and studies designed to determine the effectiveness and safety of drugs, products, plus procedures. | Most common industries: Manufacturing, Professional Services, Hospitals, and Health Care | Top functions transitioned from: Pharmacist, Scientific Research Planner | Remote job availability: 24. 2%

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  1. Business Advancement Representative ( Related game titles include Business Development Manager, Sales Growth Representative. )

What they do: Business development representatives help a company’s marketing and sales departments by identifying, connecting, and nurturing new clients to generate new revenue. | Most common industries: Technology and Press, Professional Services, Entertainment Providers | Top roles transitioned from: Customer Service Representative, Sales Development Representative, Account Supervisor | Remote control job accessibility: 60. 5%

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  1. Insights Analyst ( Related titles include Consumer Information Analyst or Data Ideas Analyst. )

Exactly what they perform: Insights analysts are responsible for translating a company’s financial, customer, and market data in to insights that can assist the business make informed decisions. | Most common industries: Professional Solutions, Manufacturing, Technologies, and Mass media | Best roles moved forward from: Data Analyst, Company Analyst | Remote work availability: 13. 3%

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  1. Delivery Specialist ( Associated titles consist of Service Shipping Specialist. )

Them: Delivery professionals manage projects on behalf of clients, ensuring that will projects are completed within deadlines plus budgets and that tasks meet every client specification. | Most typical industries: Professional Services, Technology and Media, Administrative plus Support Providers | Remote job availability: 1%

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  1. Anti-Money Laundering Analyst ( Related titles include AML Surveillance Expert, AML Compliance Analyst, or even AML Investigator. )

What they do: Anti-money laundering analysts help organizations comply with anti-money laundering regulations by monitoring financial transactions and investigating any suspicious activity. | Most common sectors: Financial Companies, Professional Services, Technology, and Media | Top roles transitioned from: Salesperson, Customer support Consultant, New Account Specialist | Remote job availability: 4. 8%

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  1. Press Analyst ( Related game titles include Paid Media Analyst. )

Them: Mass media analysts measure the success of advertising campaigns and other marketing activities by monitoring media channels and analyzing media data. | Most typical industrial sectors: Professional Solutions, Technology, plus Media, Financial Services | Best roles moved forward from: Customer care Representative | Remote work availability: 48. 3%

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  1. Customer Success Professional

What they do: Client success specialists help businesses retain current customers simply by responding to inquiries, resolving issues, and providing other support that ensures customer satisfaction. | The majority of common industries: Professional Providers, Financial Services, Technology, and Media | Remote control job accessibility: 36. 3%

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  1. Virtual Medical Associate

Them: Digital medical assistants take care of many administrative plus clerical duties for clinics or hospitals, including the maintenance of medical databases, appointment scheduling, patient billing, and insurance coverage processing.   | Most common sectors: Professional Solutions, Hospitals plus Healthcare, Administrative and Support Services | Top tasks transitioned through: Customer Service Representative, Registered Nurse, Nurse | Remote job availability: 15%

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  1. Salesforce Consultant

What they do: Salesforce consultants help companies use the particular Salesforce CRM software, offering expert guidance during the setup, implementation, and optimisation associated with the tool to suit the company’s needs. | Most typical industrial sectors: Professional Providers, Technology plus Media, Production | Top roles transitioned from: Salesforce developer, software engineer, Salesforce Administrator | Remote job availability: 46. 3%

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  1. Information Engineer

Them: Data engineers function with raw data and transform it into a format that’s more accessible plus usable meant for further analysis by information scientists. | Most common industries: Expert Services, Monetary Services, Oil, Gas, and Mining | Top jobs transitioned from: Software Professional, Data Expert, Business Intelligence Developer | Remote work availability: 17. 9%

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  1. Security Operations Center Analyst ( Related titles include Cybersecurity Expert or Information Security Analyst. )

What they do: Security operations center analysts protect a company’s computer network by checking system activity, identifying plus addressing threats, and patching any system security flaw. | Many common industries: Professional Services, Financial Solutions, Technology and Media | Top assignments transitioned through: Cyber Protection Analyst | Remote job availability: thirteen. 70%

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  1. DevOps Engineer

Them: DevOps technicians sit between software advancement and software program operation teams to enhance end-user experience, balancing the rollout of new features with maintaining the stability and protection of the particular software. | Many common sectors: Professional Providers, Financial Services, Technology, plus Media | Top roles transitioned from: Software engineer, System Administrator, System Professional | Remote control job accessibility: 21. 4%

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  1. Product Owner

What they do: Product owners take the lead inside all aspects of new item development and are responsible for setting the particular vision for the product, deciding what functions the product should have, and managing the whole process from start to finish. | Most common industries: Economic Services, Professional Services, Technologies, and Media | Best locations hiring: Makati | Top functions transitioned through: Business Expert | Remote job availability: 17. 5%

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  1. Cloud Engineer

Them: Impair engineers manage a company’s cloud-based systems and are responsible for setting it up, ensuring its stability, implementing updates, plus customizing the features to suit end users’ needs. | Most common industries: Expert Services, Technology, and Press, Manufacturing | Top roles moved forward from: Software Engineer, System Administrator, Application Developer | Remote work availability: 40. 9%

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  1. Tax Associate ( Related titles include Taxes Analyst, Tax Specialist, or Tax Preparer. )

What they do: Taxes associates help organizations file their taxes correctly, find opportunities designed for tax deductions, and provide assistance on tax-related matters. | Most typical industries: Professional Services, Financial Services, Real Estate, and Equipment Rental Solutions | Best roles transitioned from: Audit Associate, Accountant, Accounting Connect | Remote control job accessibility: 7. 3%

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Supporting experts to navigate their careers in 2023

As the job market continues to evolve, LinkedIn shares tips on how Filipino job seekers and professionals can attract career opportunities in 2023:  

  • Create the standout profile: Be sure your own LinkedIn profile is up to date to stand out in order to recruiters. LinkedIn members with a profile photo have 21 times more views and up to nine times a lot more connection requests than members who don’t. Be sure to include a summary of your background plus highlight your key abilities. By enabling the’ Open to Work’ feature in your own profile, a person may let recruiters and your network know you’re open to new possibilities.  
  • Look just for in-demand tasks: As the work market is tightening, our Jobs on the Rise data shows that roles within areas such as medical, technology, and those that assist drive business growth are usually one of the fastest-growing jobs. If you’re looking at a career change, choosing wisely the particular industry that you enter next is essential.  
  • Stay on top of the latest updates: In a shifting, competitive job market, the latest information may give you the particular necessary advantage. LinkedIn’s Get Hired newsletter provides timely job search advice and shows which companies are currently hiring plus the Top Voices to follow to stay in the know.
  • Get interview ready: Employers will be looking for the particular best fit, so before each application, think long and hard about why the role is for the purpose of you. How can you demonstrate your qualifications? Why should they hire a person over someone else? By making use of tools such as LinkedIn interview prep , you’ll be able to prepare yourself.  
  • Invest in yourself: Online courses might bridge the gap when learning brand new skills or even brushing up on existing ones. For job searchers, it’s vital to understand the particular skills popular, which of the current skills are transferable and what new skills you need to learn. Over 40% of companies globally rely on abilities to discover candidates, so identify the five the majority of relevant skills in the particular job you want, acquire them, then add them to your user profile. LinkedIn Learning has over 18, 000 courses available for anyone looking in order to upskill, including free access to Build a Career You Love No Matter the Market , A Career Strategist’s Guide to Getting a Job , Mel Robbins upon Confidence and A Bold New Approach to Goal Setting with Michael Bungay Stanier to assist work seekers.  

LinkedIn is unlocking free LinkedIn Learning courses such as Recession Proof Career Strategies to support specialists in their next career move.  



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